Spring is in the air @OURganic Gardens

Community Gardens Springing into life !

Things are starting to get busy at OURganic Gardens @HOME and in the community gardens. Since most of the community gardens do not kick off until mid march Ive had to begin @HOME sowing seeds for seven groups !! it is an OCD’s nightmare to be honest but I am still managing to get everything sown on time- I find it much easier to get a head start on some veggies here @HOME where I can look after them carefully ….. or at least try ! Organisation is key and keeping records is very important – this year , as with every year I make a determined effort to stay on top of labels , dates and notes (If I make it to April Ill be doing well ) ….. but seriously having the notes to look back on and see what has and hasn’t worked is well worth the effort in the long run !

Making sure all the seed trays are labelled and dated for future reference


OURganic Gardens is starting its 4th year this year in the community gardens .While creating a network of community gardens in Donegal I have learnt so much since the beginning and not just on growing veggies . Community gardens is about people , bringing like minded people together and seeing the excitement that their first seedling brings and the hope of the future it holds is nearly as exciting as a load of well rotted manure (I do say nearly mind !) . Sometimes I get ask what’s the most important things about starting a community garden and I have to say its the community – yes, you need a site , insurance and all the legal stuff but once you have a group of people that want to make a garden a shared space open to all , and a difference in their community then your well on your way !! and trust me that’s not always as easy as it sounds .

Its all about the People



Thanks to local agenda 21 this year OURganic Gardens has secured a small bit funding for seeds , soil and spuds , all for the community gardens and gardeners that take part in the courses throughout the year. This year ill be facilitating community gardens for various community centres and projects aswell as my own onsite garden , which im super excited about – Here @HOME , we got a few local gardeners to set up a committee , and to make sure its all above board we have drawn up a lease agreement to the community garden for one Pea (Yes Pea) a year šŸ˜‰ …. lets hope we at least manage to get that much growing ! With a bit of deep digging we will have our insurance sorted in the coming weeks so will soon be good to go šŸ™‚ Again all we need is the people , which with a bit of word spreading and unadulterated advertising (which I cannot get funding for ) OURganic Gardens hope is to entice gardeners of all ages and capabilities to take part this year .

Nothing beats a bit of local advertising to get the word out


So with gardens plans in back pocket , ill be off to my first six week garden course starting Monday 14th March in Dunfanaghy Resource Centre . After that I kick off Portanoo and Ardara on the 16th March , Gortahork (My Own Community Garden ) on the 7th April , Mountcharles on the 8th April Ards walled garden project on the 9th April and cara house letterkenny on the 12th April . It will be a busy few weeks but I hope the weather is kind to (all of) us and that we Spring happily into a glorious summer in the Donegal community gardens .



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