Seeds ,  Seedlings and Sunshine 

Things are certainly warming up at here at OURganic Gardens this month , we are watching everything spring into life and getting a bit of that vavavoom back in the bones !!

We had a great success with the tiny homes event delivered by Suzie Cahn from Carraig Dulra in March with people coming from all over to participate in a natural building workshop exploring the idea of downsizing and living more in a more sustainable way . With the smells of homemade lunch and laughter filling the air it truly was a special day and a real celebration of all the hard work that has gone on to achieve the first workshop held at the garden.

We are delighted to have joined forces with  Gairdín Gort a Choirce which is a new community enterprise based here at the garden, the team at Gairdín Gort a Choirce will be taking care of the community end of things at the garden and will be in charge of the of running various projects as well as the monthly community garden . Joanne Butler will be the volunteer coordinator taking care of the day to day running’s tying in various new and existing projects and aiming to get the local and wider community involved as much as possible .

Going forward from that the monthly community garden that got underway in January is now in full swing welcoming gardeners all over to the garden. In February we had Ewan Barry at the garden demonstrating live willow weaving and then this month (March) we had Cary Meehan doing a wonderful woodland foraging walk and cookery demonstration. Next month we look forward to an introduction to home herbalism which takes place April 25th .

The other community based project that Gairdín Gort a Choirce is running is the amazing SEED project . This is a new Social Enterprise Enabling Development project that gets volunteers involved in growing seeds for community gardens and tidy towns . This is a pilot project that aims to create a sustainable in-house way of self funding a community project . If successful other gardens and projects can follow the model and in-turn sustain there own projects . So far we have reached over 50% of our target so we are delighted . We do however need more volunteers to help with transplanting so every Thursday 11-1 here at the garden we welcome anyone looking to help .

So just as the seeds spring into life and the soil warms up ,  we look ahead as seedlings ourselves and embrace what’s around the corner here at OURganic Gardens. In the coming months we look forward to more exciting events and plans are well underway ,we are open for visits on Tuesdays and Thursdays and soon we will have a program of events aswell as an updated website  !

If you would like to get involved please do get in touch or call Joanne on 0861789971


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