Preparing our beds

The winter work @OURganic gardens has taken longer than expected this year – I’m not sure if its because lack of time or if its because I’m actually still waiting for winter to begin !! The weather is mild to say the least .

In December, we loaded four of our raised beds with seaweed to replace nutrients and work on the soil structure – we have fairly heavy soil where we are but it has great potential !
I have eight veg beds in total and I generally give four of them a good feed every year (I alternate four on four off ) – then when I rotate the vegetables I put my heavy feeders where there is plenty of nutrients and I put the other veg into the beds fed the previous year .

Then in mid January I’ve taken the used straw from the pigs bed ( but any straw would do ) and I’ve laid it on top of the seaweed – I then covered it with cardboard to help suppress weeds and also speed up decomposition

Now I “think” this is the lazy bed system but ill have to check that one out later – but it certainly saves me a lot of digging and as this particular one is my cabbage bed this year only time will tell if the greens will reap the benefit and return the favour !!