First week of the year @OURganic Gardens

Ok , so here we go – another attempt at blogging … only this time im serious !!! several attempts at getting to grips with it. I think the only way for me to actually do it , is to actually do it !!!

So ill blog and ill blog and we will see what happens .

Every Monday morning I am gona sit in my little office tucked away in my little cottage in Donegal , and tell who ever is interested out there what i’m doing in the community gardens. its hard to believe while we are in the grips of winter with the warm balmy weather , I am busy planning my year out .


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Who we are


My name is Joanne Butler and I am a community gardener working in various locations in northwest Donegal .
As well as my own gardens in Gortahork I help other gardeners get that little step closer to eating local , naturally grown sustainable produce …. As well as having lots of fun along the way .
Collectively these community gardens are not organic they are OURganic ….

…… Growing food without a label.

The vegtable garden 2013 …. The beginning


This is a photo of my garden at the very start of my journey …… April 2013 .
Although I have been growing vegetables for the last 6 years I have never done anything on such a large scale . Since having my three children I have been focused on raising a young family and feeding them as healthy as I could. When the children were babies I would buy vegetables and make all my own baby food and I suppose it just progressed from there .
I started off just growing cabbages and then moved onto courgettes and now I do full crop rotations with as many vegetables and herbs as I can , I have been studying garden books with a passion during this time and I am now studying with the RHS at a home study course .

This year I’m really focused on the community gardens and working at a local garden centre, Cluain Na dTor in Falcarragh so I guess my own garden has been a bit neglected but never the less I look at it all as a huge source of enjoyment and learning and I hope you the reader will too as you follow me on my journey with the community gardeners in Donegal .

I will post regular updates in this blog site and also teaching aids that I use in my classes … This way I get to keep the paper waste down and save some money on ink !